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  • Fiscally Reasonability

    •  For far too long Congress has been spending more than we take in. We have become complacent with being a culture of debt. Financial Literacy is a skill that Congress has forgotten. Their irresponsibility has affected not only our security as a nation but our way of living. FY 2021 budget predicts $4.8 trillion a year in spending, and only bringing in around 3.9 trillion in revenue. Resulting in a 1 trillion deficit. Leaving no room for leeway.

    • Our national debt has skyrocketed to over $27 trillion, causing the already hard-working Americans, to struggle further

  • Understanding the Struggle

    • ​Robert understands the value of the dollar. He and his two siblings were raised by their single working-class mother and not raised into money. 

    • Growing up Robert as most Americans lived in poverty. Understanding this lifestyle is imperative for Congress. By understanding living the struggle most Americans fight every day, Robert will fight every second of every day for an economy where the working class can provide for their family without worry.