• A nation with open borders is a threat to our safety

    • With a majority of illegal drugs coming from the Sothern border it is imperative that we prevent this from entering our Nation.  Not only will this stop the flow of illegal drugs but also criminal gangs from entering our nation and destroying our social fabric.

  • We are a nation of immigrants

    • We are a nation of immigrants. We have a Laws for a reason and they must be enforced. We are a nation that is open and willing to accept those looking to become Americans, The Right Legal Way.

  • Americans first

    • We must not put the needs of others before our own U.S. Citizens. We house illegals, give them benefits we don't offer our own struggling citizens. We are spending millions caring for illegals, but give our own citizens pennies.  

"Ohio has ranked as high as fifth among all states in total reported human trafficking cases with Toledo being identified as the fourth highest ranking city in the nation for recruiting victims into the illegal trade."