• Skilled trades
    • ​Rebuilding poverty-stricken communities.

    • Lack of availability for vocational training. For far too long guidance counselors and the media drive college and universities into the minds of our children as the only path to success.

    • Colleges receive a majority of the funding and grants rather than trade schools. Even high school programs miss out on these opportunities. This is the number one reason you seen school dropping these types of programs.​

  • Rebuilding our Economy

    • Congress has an obligation to cultivate any process that strengthens us as a Nation. By strengthening and expanding on these programs we will see an increase of high school graduates who have learned a valuable trade and be a top earner in commerce within a year. HVAC techs, Welders, Lineman, Plumbers, etc., all have that possibility.

  • The Snowball Effect:​

    • ​Example: Think about all the run down and empty buildings in in our District 13. Imagine if developers were offered a 5-10 year tax abatement in properties they bought (commercial or residential) as long as they used at least 50% local labor to renovate that property? This solves two issues. This creates a competitive development industry that benefits the community. It also entices companies to come in and move into the renovated commercial properties. A renaissance affect if you will. It stimulates the local material producers and helps them expand on hiring and employment as well. It cleans up the low income and crime ridden areas because as people and businesses move in cities and townships receive more revenue to be collected to fund law enforcement efforts (and that also offsets the tax abatement) - Creates a market to help supplement the public and media driven support for skilled trade